Men go to the barbershop as much for the experience as they do for the service. The barbershop, like a salon, is often a community, one that is mostly just for men. As such, it’s a relaxing place to get your hair cut and your beard shaped. Yet, there is a question that is worth answering: how do these barbershops keep people coming back? We’ll take a look at the things that make barbershops a desirable location for men, young and old.

How Good Barbershops Draw in Customers

What makes a barbershop stand out from the rest? It’s a valid question that most guys don’t think about until they’re walking in the door. There are places to get your haircut on every other corner, so a good barbershop is something that is attractive at first glance. It needs a unique look with more than a barber’s pole rotating out front.

Modern barbershops have a clean, signature image that evokes feelings of welcome and manhood. Often, you’ll find a combination between older elements of shops, like wood floors along with new-age chairs, an open layout to facilitate discussions, and quality products both for sale and as decoration.

Visually, the barber will stand out from the rest, but they also require a specific skill set to be unique. Being able to cut all kinds of hair, perform new and old styles, and have consistent staff are all elements of the best shops.

What Makes a Barber Professional?

Literally speaking, a professional barber is going to be licensed. However, a true professional is also going to have a variety of skills. In fact, you can expect the best barbers to know how to cut and style hair of all textures, perform cuts and styles that are old and new, innovate new styles, cut and shape beards, and maintain a high level of professionalism while doing everything.  They’re more than someone that will cut your hair, they’ll advise you on good cuts for your look while also recommending products for you.


What Can You Expect from a Barbershop Visit?

If it’s your first time visiting a barbershop, then you’re going to have some questions. The first thing you need is a brief lesson on etiquette. You should always arrive on time for your appointment and come with clean hair. Don’t sit on your phone; pay attention to his questions. You’re going to have a great time.

First off, your barber will ask what kind of hairstyle you desire and if you need a beard trim or shave. Depending on your answer, you will then proceed to the haircut of your choice. Don’t be surprised if your barber makes small talk about anything from sports to your daily life. That’s the real benefit of going to the barbershop- they’re friendly and so are the other people waiting to get their hair cut. They want to get to know you, build a community, and have some fun all while you’re getting a trim.

Once you’re all finished, your barber might make some recommendations for next time, offer to sell you some products that will help, and more. You should always tip your barber and you see when they have an opening for your next cut.


Signature Barbershop 2

It can be hard to find quality barbershop. Yet, when a good one opens or expands, you should definitely see what they have to offer. Signature Barbershop 2 just opened at 28 E 33rd St., New York, NY 10016. If you’re looking for a unique barbershop that has the qualities of a great barber, then dial (646) 476-4505 and see when they have an appointment open.

This shop is another location in addition to their first, and they have made it attractive inside and out and packed it with the talent you’ll want in a barber. The barbers have over 15 years of experience cutting hair and trimming beards; they’ve seen it all. They offer an old-style look with wood and stone along with chairs that will keep your relaxed during the entire visit. There are many different barbers, each with their own style, so you can meet someone that will become your new favorite. Your comfort and looks are paramount here, so if this is your first time at a barber, be prepared to be impressed and to have the bar set very high for you.

Barbershops help men get a fresh, clean look and have a great time doing it. A successful barbershop is a place that guys like to come back to every time they need a haircut because it offers them quality services, companionship, and comfort. As you can see, there are some new shops that embody these great characteristics, like Signature Barbershop 2. It’s certainly worth getting to know a local shop that provides everything you need for a comfortable visit. The elements of a barbershop that we’ve outlined here will help you know what to look for the first time you step into a new shop.


  1. I’ve always had a hard time making my beard look good. It makes sense that I would want to consider going to a barbershop to help me out with this. It would be amazing to get a good shave every time.

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